PW-WC-2 WLF Lacquer


PatheWings Wood Case: PW-WC2 R Lacquer
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PatheWings Wood Case: PW-WC2 R tinted Lacquer  
→ WC 2 Replica ←

PatheWings as the first and only one in the world is launching special edition of Woodcase: WC-2, which is covered by specially tinted American Walnut.

Our PatheWings walnut wooden box (Wood Case) has been made of highest quality materials. It is a faithful replica/copy of the original Wood Case 2, preserving even the finest details.

PatheWings has produced a limited edition of PW-WC 2 R. The box includes a certificate of authenticity, which states that the Wood Case has been personally tested for quality. This ensures that our customers will receive only first class products in terms of performance, durability and packaging. Each inner edge of the Wood Cases was connected by a special substance, which is used by the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality speakers.The packaging was designed to withstand the roughest conditions of transport so we are sure that the product that we sell is always delivered in perfect condition. 

Marantz Models:

Tuner: 115b

Preamp: 7c, 7p, 7t, 33, 3300, 3300r

Amplifier Poweramps: 16, 16b, 16m, 32, 240, 240blk, 250, 250m

Integrated Amplifier: 30

Marantz Models that might pass but it's not confirmed - we want to find out, so if one of our customer have one of following models please contact us!: 

Tuner: 10, 10b, 20, 20b, 23, 23J, 115, 120, 120blk, 120b, 125, 150

Preamp: 3600, 3800, 4000

Amplifier Poweramps: 260, 510, 510m

***Each Wood Case contains a Certificate of Authenticity.

***Each Wood Case comes with a mounting kit consisting of:
• 4 pcs of special high-strength legs.

• Like the original WC-2 the outside of our PW-WC-2 R is finished with a natural veneer - tinted American walnut. 
• Like the original WC-2 the interior of our PW-WC-2 R is covered with a tinted American walnut.
• Like the original WC-2 our PW-WC-2 R is made using the same methods – size, quantity and location of the holes match the original exactly.
• The color of the plate has been specially selected.
• The plate is attached (like some of the original WC-2) with Japanese black nails.
• The mounting holes of our PW-WC-2 R has been made with close precision.
• The front frame of the Wood Case was made from a piece of natural wood: tinted American Walnut