PW-WC-43 BHG Black


PatheWings Wood Case: PW-WC43 R Black High Gloss 
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PatheWings Wood Case: PW-WC43 R Black High Gloss 
 WC-43 Replica ←

PW-WC-43 R "Black Edition" was covered with a hard lacquer, finished to a high gloss.

Black Edition 'Piano Lacquer' – is made entirely of MDF and covered with lacquer several times - between the next layer is carefully polished. The whole procedure gives a very strong, clear and durable shine that it can be found on the surfaces of black pianos.  

Marantz Modelle: 2325, 2330, 2330b, 2330bd, 4300, 4400

***Each Wood Case contains a Certificate of Authenticity.

***Each Wood Case comes with a mounting kit consisting of:
• 4 pcs of special high-strength legs.
• 4 mounting screws with threads and lengths matched with Marantz Models above.

•As in the original WC-43 our PW-WC-43 R is made by the same method – size, quantity and location of the holes match exactly.
• The color of the plate has been specially selected.
• The plate is attached (like some of the original WC-43) with Japanese black nails.
• The mounting holes of our PW-WC-43 R has been made with close precision.
• The front frame of the Wood Case was made from a piece of natural wood.