PW-S1050 Classic


PatheWings PW-S 1050 Classic
→ Stainless Steel ←  
High End Record Clamp [ 1050 g / 37.00 oz ]

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PatheWings PW-S 1050 Classic
→ Stainless Steel ←  
High End Record Clamp [ 1050 g / 37.00 oz ]
Height 28 mm
Diameter 80 mm
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 1050 g / 37.00 oz
Serial number Classic

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PatheWings PW-S 1050 Classic
→ Stainless Steel ←  
High End Record Clamp [ 1050 g / 37.00 oz ]

PatheWings PW-S1050 record player clamp makes records fit tighter to the turntable, significantly improving the sound quality.

Most of vinyl discs are thin and flexible, and often distorted or wrinkled. Since most of vinyl’s doesn't adhere to the turntable platter, sound reproduction suffers from lack of resonance damping vinyl which provides to flutter of the sound. Some of the vinyl’s are having contact with the outer edge of the turntable platter instead of the middle. Conversely, the vinyl’s disc which are folded or bent upwards, seem to sway the plate.  Stabilizers made by PatheWings solve the above problems, resulting in better contact  between vinyl and turntable platter.

One from many opinion...

"I have been using the clamps from PatheWings during my turntable reviews for over a year and I've been very happy with them. The new design, much heavier, is also better made. Or maybe it just seems so to me? In any case, it is perfect. I’ve already used it with several turntables, including the currently reviewed Pre-audio BT-1301 and each time several features were repeated. First of all, the sound would "sit down" lower and it was deeper. There was no less treble but the background blackness, which we understand as a "silence" between the notes, was incomparably more smooth and velvety. The sound became even more vivid and simply more refined. Even if a turntable sounded good without the clamp, or seemed fine with other proprietary clamps (like Transrotor), after using the PW-S1050 I had no desire to listen with anything else. And the fact that it is an exclusive, expensive accessory only increases its value. As a matter off fact, audio is the space where music has its context and this context are audio products used for its playback. They must be not only faithful to the spirit of the music, but give it a proper setting. PatheWings products are simply outstanding. You just need to select the proper clamp weight to your turntable, as "heavier" not always means "better". I will have a closer look at the mats some other time, but if the clamps are so good, why should the mats be any different?"

By High Fidelity 2014

When replacing your existing plastic, vinyl or aluminum clamp, be prepared to increase your previous experience of listening the music to a whole new level by using our PW-S1050 Classic.

• Stabilize record and prevent the vertical oscillation of the turntable arm.
• Improves control over the various ranges of bandwidth.
• Obtains stable acoustic scene.
• The sound is more dynamic with more powerful bass.
• There is more details within more precise music scene.
• The sound becomes more accurate.
• Stable movement of turntable plate provides the lack of plate rolling sound and no change in frequency of reading the signal.