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HiFi Arte is searching and merchanting products from following Audiophile company like PatheWings, Limitless Sound and more. 

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Pure excitement! Gorgeous Matte & clean sound! These great packed, Thx!

Diter T.

Great service, communication and quality. Thanks


Lovely, well made case - arrived earlier than expected so thanks

David G.

Just wanted to let you know I did receive the replacement cork 1mm mat you sent and it is of the excellent high quality that I would expect from this brand, it is flawless and very impressive. I wish I had recieved this one from the beginning. I really am impressed with the quality of both mats, but I like the 1mm the best, I am testing it on an inexpensive 1970s BSR record changer I have that has plenty of motor and rumble, and even with just the 1mm mat, the noise is almost gone, that is extremely impressive considering the turntable quality. I collect old turntables and I still enjoy the record changers which I use my lesser quality records with, to provide uninterrupted music, and I have always found the mechanism fascinating. I rebuild them and customize them to optimize their sound, and when properly tuned and lubricated, along with your cork mats, and a quality catridge/stylus, it is amzing the quality of sound you can get from these old units. I dont recommend them for your rare vinyl, but for everyday use they are reliable and sound quite good. I have owned some very high end turntables over the years and I have found that even an inexpensive unit can be made to produce surprisingly good sound with some work. i enjoy the challenge. Please see attached photo of my uncommon BSR automatic turntable with the rare 'umbrella' spindle changer. in this photo I have your new 1mm mat ONLY on top of the aluminum platter, it is hard to see, as it is so thin, but I can only hear a small amount of rumble during the quiet passage between songs and with treble and volume turned up. Very impressed with the mat. Thank you!

David F.

Happy Again! Those are my best Slimpats!

Ingo H.